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CRUX Daily: Start Your Day Off Right

Read: John 8:31 and Psalm 119:105

Reflect: How can you prepare yourself spiritually before you go to school?

Request (Prayer): Father, prepare me and make me ready to face the trials and temptations I will face at school.

I remember the days that I had to wake up early for school, and I dreaded it every morning! I hated getting up for school because I just wanted to keep sleeping. My dad had to literally drag me out of bed sometimes and I just didn’t want to get ready for school. I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one who has this problem…right? We all have a hard time getting ready for school because we have to wake up early, take a shower, get all the school equipment together, and then you actually have to go to school. Did you know that there is an easier way to get ready for school? It’s called Prayer!
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CRUX Daily: The Fall Part 3

Read: Genesis 4

Reflect: Read Genesis 4:7 again. What kind of sin are you allowing to take rule in your life?

Request (Prayer): Lord, show me what sin I am allowing to take rule in my life and then kill it.

Genesis 4:7 says that sins desire is to take you captive. It wants to consume you and take over everything that you do. Sin is what took over the body of Cain as he plotted and killed his brother, Abel. Sin took Cain captive by first, consuming his mind. That is where the idea of sin begins. It begins with you wanting it and desiring it, and that all starts in your thoughts.
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CRUX Daily: Word of God

Read: Psalm 119:9-11, 105

Reflect: In what ways does the Word of God benefit you?

Request (Prayer): Lord, help me to keep my way pure by treasuring Your Word.

Psalm 119:9-11 says, “How does a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Your Word.” What exactly does that mean? The Word can keep you from everything impure! We have very many things in the world that are impure, that are not good in the sight of God. And God’s Word (the Bible) keeps us from all things that are impure.
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